We are the company that manufacture and distributes a food prosseing  machine of nuts



ichiharaseisakusho Since Ichihara Seisakusho was founded in 1961, it has been establishing a long history in specializing and developing nut-Processing machines for the confectionary preparations.
We have accumulated technological know-how through experiences of supplying machines to our customers in confectionary industry as well as from research/study of food processing mechanism.
As a pioneer company, we have acquired high trust and evaluation from the customers and the markets concerning food processing machine manufacturing.
We now wish to further challenge technological development in the new age,Because we consider making continuous improvement and advancement of our products  and supplying high quality machines in both domestic and overseas markets are very important.
We hope you will continue your favor and support toward us in the future as well,as we sincerely serve you in manufacturing machines of high technical level.


 new productsteam heating type fryer

Steam Heating Type Fryer
This fryer's heat source is the steam type heat exchanger.Because it is possible that oil always circulates in a constant temperature, frying time is shortened.Differing from the burners of direct flame type, oxidation and deterioration ......[ continue ]