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Gas Burner: AG Type

Gas Burner:FF Type

Gas Burner:GNP Type

As AG type Gas Burner functions in an external (diffusion) mixture combustion method, there is essentially no danger of back firing, and the combustion is steady during the wide range of operation.

gas bunner ag type

It is a gas burner in which blower, controller, safety equipment, and piping are laid out consistently.

.gas burner ff type

It is a automatic inhaling type burner shaped like a gun.

gas burner gnp type

Oil Burner:RT241/242
(manual type)

Oil Burner:RA241/242
(automatic type)


 It is a drop type oil burner that is manual ignition type.

oil burner rt241/242(manual type)

 It is a drop type oil burner, in which the igniter lights a fire.

oil burner ra241/242(automatic type>